Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Under the Localism Act Parish Councils are being given the opportunity to bring more power to the community to influence planning decisions and to shape development in their local area through the use of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a statutory document produced for the community by people in the community. It sets out the community’s overall vision for the area and its aims for future development and growth. It must, however, be consistent with the District Council’s plan and with central government planning policies.

A Neighbourhood plan focuses on practical issues, such as:

Use of land for community facilities, employment, affordable housing and recreation; Walking and cycle routes within the community; Landscape and wildlife areas within the parish; Traffic management and public transport.

Simple guide to NDP

Initial public consultation

Back in November 2013 Chalford Parish Council held three consultation events on the Neighbourhood Development Plan in the three Wards in the parish, Bussage, Hill and Valley. Members of the public gave their views and opinions about the future of their neighbourhood. The results of these consultations have been collated and can be viewed below:

Analysis of public consultation Nov 2013

Householder Questionnaire Results

Scope of the Chalford Neighbourhood Development Plan

As there is no planned development for Chalford in the new District Local Plan, the Parish Council are keeping their Neighbourhood Development Plan simple and are focussing on the following areas:

Design Character

Local Green Spaces

Getting around (roads and transport including parking)

Housing needs

Frith Wood

The results of a Housing Needs Survey which has also been carried out can be seen below:

Housing Needs Survey report

Recent Progress

Work is proceeding on the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the design statement and landscape assessment are currently being produced. There are 7 settlement areas and 5 landscape areas within our Parish which have recently been surveyed by a dedicated group of volunteers. This will assist us in deciding the types of development that we want in our village in conjunction with the Stroud Local Plan.