Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted by the Local Planning Authority (Stroud District Council) on current planning applications in the Parish. In Chalford this is dealt with by a committee, the Plans Assessment Committee, which meets every 2 to 3 weeks to consider current planning applications. These meetings are advertised on Parish notice boards and members of the public are permitted to attend and speak on a planning matter if they wish. Please contact the Parish Clerk/Assistant Clerk for further advice on this.

The following guidelines are used by the Parish Council Plans Assessment Committee when considering their response to the Local Planning Authority as consultees for planning applications in the parish.
PAC Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: The whole of Chalford Parish is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has 6 Conservation Areas. Both of these designations restrict your “permitted development rights” (i.e. you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas). We strongly recommend you check with Stroud District Council planning department before planning or commencing any building work on your property.  Tel.  (01453) 754 442
Planning permission advice

If you wish to carry out work on trees on your property and you live in the Conservation Area you are required to notify SDC before commencing.
SDC advise on working on trees in a Conservation Area

Applications to be considered by the Plans Assessment Committee at their meeting on 19th September 2019

S.19/1700/HHOLD Jasmine Cottage, Lynch Road, France Lynch Alterations to form bedroom above existing flat roof extension with additional two storey extension.

S.19/1808/HHOLD 19 Old Station Close, Chalford Loft conversion with single storey extensions to side and rear of property (389825-202467)  19 Old Station Close Chalford Stroud Gloucestershire GL6 8GY

S.19/1807/TCA Allens Close, Skiveralls, Chalford Hill S.19/1807/TCA | Cherry (T1) – fell because of; multi stemmed from base, cherry probably growing from an old stump, the cherry has large heavy trunks growing over a power line, a road junction and on road parking area. The cherry is excessively shading some old variety fruit trees. Replant with specimen tree. Ash (T2) – fell because of; multi stemmed from base, growing over the road, over power lines, next to wall, excessive shading of garden, low amenity value. Ash group of (G1) – fell because of; small group of small multi stemmed ash trees, growing next to stone wall, next to the road, excessive shading of the garden, low amenity value. Ash group of (G2) – fell because of; small group of small multi stemmed ash trees, growing next to stone wall, next to the road, excessive shading of the garden, low amenity value. Ash (T3) – fell because of; multi stemmed at the base with possible included bark in union, the tree is growing over a power line and is within falling distance of the house and neighbouring property, the owner has great concerns over this. The ash tree is excessively shading the garden and fruit trees also the neighbouring garden, low amenity value

S.19/0776/HHOLD St Johns Cottage, Lynch Road REVISED PLANS – Proposed two storey extension, first storey extension, new garage and creation of vehicular access requiring removal of part of natural stone wall.

S.19/1824/CPL 1 Tylers Way, Chalford Hill Certificate proposed lawful use/dev. Single storey rear extension to match existing materials

S.19/1853/TCA Little Rill, Sturmeys Road, France Lynch Trees in a conservation area – Birch T1 – Fell because of excessive shading of the house and garden. This is a well stocked small garden, replant with something that can be maintained at a less intrusive and manageable size.

S.19/1876/HHOLD 8 Frithwood Park, Bussage Single storey extension to the side and rear to provide revised kitchen location, dining area and study.

S.19/1882/HHOLD 1 Abbenesse, Chalford Hill Demolition of attached garage. Erection of single storey side extension

S.19/0438/FUL Abnash Stable Barn, Abnash, Chalford Appeal Notice S.19/025/APPREF