Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted by the Local Planning Authority (Stroud District Council) on current planning applications in the Parish. In Chalford this is dealt with by a committee, the Plans Assessment Committee, which meets every 2 to 3 weeks to consider current planning applications. These meetings are advertised on Parish notice boards and members of the public are permitted to attend and speak on a planning matter if they wish. Please contact the Parish Clerk/Assistant Clerk for further advice on this.

The following guidelines are used by the Parish Council Plans Assessment Committee when considering their response to the Local Planning Authority as consultees for planning applications in the parish.
PAC Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: The whole of Chalford Parish is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has 6 Conservation Areas. Both of these designations restrict your “permitted development rights” (i.e. you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas). We strongly recommend you check with Stroud District Council planning department before planning or commencing any building work on your property.  Tel.  (01453) 754 442
Planning permission advice

If you wish to carry out work on trees on your property and you live in the Conservation Area you are required to notify SDC before commencing.
SDC advise on working on trees in a Conservation Area

Applications to be considered by the Plans Assessment Committee at their meeting on 31st January 2019

S.18/2698/FUL Land at Middle Hill, Chalford Hill Residential development of 31 new homes (as a rural exception site) together with associated vehicular and pedestrian access, car parking, landscaping and associated works. (389507 – 203406)

S.18/2756/HHOLD Jasmine Cottage, Lynch Road, France Lynch First floor extension to form additional bedroom and en-suite.

S.18/2742/HHOLD 17 Down View, Chalford Hill Single storey extension including pitched roof over existing garage
S.18/2744/TCA Penny Leaze, Sturmyes Road, France Lynch Fell Conifers x 3. Fruit trees x 4 Fell. Specimen tree x1 reduce by 2m. Trees x 3 reduce by 2m.

S.18/2766/TCA St Michaels Cottage, Bussage Hill Trees in a conservation area. Ash (T1) Large over mature tree, it has shed several large limbs into the road over the past 12 months. Failed limbs showed internal decay and there are numerous open decay pockets on the tree. Proposal is to remove all parts of the tree overhanging the road for safety reasons.

S.19/0021/TCA 13 The Chestnuts, The Avenue, Bussage Trees in a conservation area – Conifers (G1) – group of 4 previously reduced conifers. Fell as unsightly and to improve light to back of house.

S.19/0079/HHOLD 1,4,8,9,15,16,23,-25 & 19-22 Aston View, Chalford Hill Replace roof and external insulated render system.

S.19/0073/TCA Bussage Village Hall, The Ridgeway Trees in a Conservation Area- Yew tree – fell.

S.19/0084/TCA The Knoll, Brownshill, Trees in a Conservation Area
Gleditsia Sunburst (1 tree) I would like to fell this tree. It is now very large and grows directly over the neighbour’s roof, as well as blocking the view from their windows. There is a danger of damage to the roof from falling debris. The tree is too large for me to reasonably maintain.

S.19/0031/TCA Rose Cottage, Commercial Road, Chalford Hill Trees in a Conservation Area
T1 -Spruce – fell because of excessive height and close proximity to neighbouring property in addition to low amenity value.
T2 – Pear tree – fell due to excessive height (>30ft) and low amenity value.
T3 – Birch – prune/crown lift and reduce
T4 – Pear tree – prune/crown lift and reduce
T5 – Sycamore tree – fell due to low amenity value and proximity to main garden boundary.
T6 – Ash tree – fell due to excessive shading, height and low amenity value.
T7 – Sycamore tree – fell due to excessive shading, height and low amenity value.
T8 – Sycamore tree – fell due to low amenity value and proximity to main garden boundary.

Applications considered by the Plans Assessment Committee still awaiting decision by SDC

S.18/2583/FUL Land at the rear of The Ridge, Burcombe Road, Chalford Hill Full planning application, Erection of Dwelling.