Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted by the Local Planning Authority (Stroud District Council) on current planning applications in the Parish. In Chalford this is dealt with by a committee, the Plans Assessment Committee, which meets every 2 to 3 weeks to consider current planning applications. These meetings are advertised on Parish notice boards and members of the public are permitted to attend and speak on a planning matter if they wish. Please contact the Parish Clerk/Assistant Clerk for further advice on this.

The following guidelines are used by the Parish Council Plans Assessment Committee when considering their response to the Local Planning Authority as consultees for planning applications in the parish.
Planning Committee Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: The whole of Chalford Parish is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has 6 Conservation Areas. Both of these designations restrict your “permitted development rights” (i.e. you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas). We strongly recommend you check with Stroud District Council planning department before planning or commencing any building work on your property.  Tel.  (01453) 754 442
Planning permission advice

If you wish to carry out work on trees on your property and you live in the Conservation Area you are required to notify SDC before commencing.
SDC advise on working on trees in a Conservation Area

Applications considered by the Plans Assessment Committee at their meeting on 14th December 2017 at 9.30am at the Parish Centre
Applications considered by the Plans Assessment Committee still awaiting decision by SDC

 S.17/2529/HHOLD Oaklands, France Lynch:  Ground floor rear extension and replacement of roof. Interior

S.17/2483/HHOLD Windyridge, The Ridge, Bussage: Removal of existing bungalow roof. Replacement roof to be steeper to provide accommodation at first floor. Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.

S.17/2627/HHOLD Milford House, Burcombe Road, Chalford Hill:: To raise one boundary garden wall 700mm for extra screening to the front of Milford House

S.17/2404/TCA Hallidays Mill, London Road, Chalford: T1 – Sycamore – reduce 3M
T2 – Ash Coppice, T5 – Sycamore Spindly and misshopen Coppice, T6 – Norway Maple Spindly and Unbalanced coppice, T7 – Sycamore – 11 Stem coppice, T8 – Ash Remove Ivy covered leaning stem into T7.
T9 – Sycamore – crown lift 3 branches over car park, T10 – Sycamore Crown lift 2 branches over car park.
T11 – Sycamore Crown lift 2 branches over car park,T12 – Sycamore Crown lift one branch over car park.

S.17/2638/TCA Jubilee Cottages, Brownshill: Norway Spruce- Fell.

S.17/2625/TCA Milford House, Burcombe Road, Chalford Hill : (T1) Fell x9 conifer trees, (T2) one cherry to ground level, (T3) Reduce large laurel back to previous pruning points

S.17/2311/LBC Wharf House, Chalford: Repairs and thermal upgrade to existing roof structure and reinstatement of historic chimney.

S.17/2427/TCA France Corner, Burcombe, Chalford Hill (T1) Cherryplum fell

S.17/2429/TCA 2 Jubilee Cottages, Brownshill Reduce height by 4.5M, shape top branches and maintain basic shape

S.17/2348/TCA Keyhold Cottage, Bussage Larch (T1) – Fell.

S.17/2469/TPO Frith Wood, Tanglewood Way, Chalford T1 – Fell
T2 – Ash Reduce laterial limbs by 1M
T3- Holly reduce Side by 1M
T4 – Ash reduce lateral limb by 2M