Planning Applications

The Parish Council is consulted by the Local Planning Authority (Stroud District Council) on current planning applications in the Parish. In Chalford this is dealt with by a committee, the Plans Assessment Committee, which meets every 2 to 3 weeks to consider current planning applications. These meetings are advertised on Parish notice boards and members of the public are permitted to attend and speak on a planning matter if they wish. Please contact the Parish Clerk/Assistant Clerk for further advice on this.

The following guidelines are used by the Parish Council Plans Assessment Committee when considering their response to the Local Planning Authority as consultees for planning applications in the parish.
Planning Committee Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: The whole of Chalford Parish is in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has 6 Conservation Areas. Both of these designations restrict your “permitted development rights” (i.e. you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas). We strongly recommend you check with Stroud District Council planning department before planning or commencing any building work on your property.  Tel.  (01453) 754 442
Planning permission advice

If you wish to carry out work on trees on your property and you live in the Conservation Area you are required to notify SDC before commencing.
SDC advise on working on trees in a Conservation Area

Applications to be considered by the Plans Assessment Committee at their next meeting on 25th April

S.18/0707/FUL Land At Woodlands, Skiveralls, Chalford Hil Erection of dwelling and demolition of timber shed

S.18/0731/TCA 1 Prospect Villas Coppice Hill Chalford Stroud 1 Ash, 1 Cherry. Trees diseased and in danger of falling

S.18/0764/TCA The Grange Cowswell Lane Bussage Yew x 2 (T1 & T2) – reduce from 7m in height to 6m.  Wych Elm (T3) – reduce from 6m in height to 4.5m.   Maple (T4) – reduce from 6.5m in height to 4.5m.  Silver Birch (T5) – reduce from 7m in height to 5m.  Cherry (T6) – reduce from 6.5m in height to 4.5m.

S.18/0743/TCA The Old Post Office Chalford Hill Cherry (T1) – reduce by 2 metres, back to previous reduction points.
Black walnut (T2) – reduce by 3 metres, back to growth points
Goat willow (T3) – reduce to 2 metres, multiple trunks are growing from what might have been 1 tree stump, the trunks are over the road and patio area. The owners are worried that the trunks could come down on the road or patio area.

S.18/0823/TCA The Retreat Brownshill T1 & T2 Old Lime Pollards: Remove to crown level

S.18/0755/TCA Apple Tree Cottage Lynch Road France Lynch G1 – Overstood hedgerow line of sycamores, reduce down by approx 5m to original cutting points (see attached photo for reference)  T1 – Mature apple tree, crown thin/clean to maximum of 20% of leaf bearing material.

S.18/0759/TCA Rhode House, High Street G1 – Mixture of Ash, Sycamore and Blackthorn stems originating from the top of a high retainer wall at the back of the garden.  Ranging from 3-6m in height. Mostly multi-stemmed re-growth.  Remove and treat to prevent regrowth and further damage to wall.  T2 – Copper Beech – crown raise to 6m on eastern side over
boundary line

Applications considered by the Plans Assessment Committee still awaiting decision by SDC

S.18/0592/TCA France Corner, Burcombe, Chalford Hil Yew tree (T1) – prune back from neighbours patio because of
excessive shading, prune back by 1 metre.  Laurel (T2) – reduce height by 2 metres, prune branches over neighbours drive by 1 metre.

S.18/0601/TCA Land Adjacent To Hill View Cottage, Marle Hill Omitted item from S.18/0085/TCA PP-06657719  (5) Lime below. Remove all branches up to a height of approximately 8.5m

S.18/0441/TCA Coppice Hill House, Coppice Hill Ash and Sycamore. 7 trees with Stems on boundary of property,
Trees covered in Holly and during snow concerns overs falling onto other property’s also with high winds- Crown to be reduced approx 10 meters leaving trees at approximately 6ft to be manageable

S.18/0626/HHOLD Braimar, 3 Middle Hill Crescent, Chalford Hil Proposed conversion of garage and single storey extension with alterations

S.18/0654/HHOLD Ridings Farm Bungalow, France Lynch Alterations to existing bungalow and garage to create an integrally linked annex

S.18/0670/HHOLD Oxford House France Lynch New single storey rear extension and terrace at first floor level

S.18/0691/LBC Laurel Dene Lynch Road France Lynch Replacement windows and door

S.18/2895/NEWTPO Grey Gables, The Ridge TPO 567 (a)

S.18/0246/HHOLD 2 Meadow Cottages, High Street New rear conservatory and first floor balcony to the front of the

S.18/0326/TPO Holte End, The Ridge, Bussage Fell of Sycamore TPO 110, leave the base of the stump as a home for insects and replace the Sycamore with a smaller tree more suited to a densely developed residential area in terms of leaf

S.18/0442/HHOLD Selangor, Old Neighbourhood Erection of chimney on gable wall

S.18/0469/TCA Vale House, High Street Yew tree front garden – reduce points by approx 30% and reshape crown, to 2M approx off ground.  Hazel – remove limbs to left hand side of garage.  Laural hedges – Trimming back road side as over hanging road.  Yew Tree – Reduce laterals as over hanging road and street sign.

S.18/0202/LBC Laurel Dene, Lynch Road, Replacement windows and door

S.18/0118/TCA Grey Gables The Ridge Bussage T1 – Fell, due to water damage and being unsafe.  T2 – Reduce by 14M. T3 0- Reduce by 14M