Street naming

As you know, one of our strategic priorities this year, and indeed, in years to come, is to ensure that streets in Chalford are easier to navigate for visitors, newcomers, and even long-time residents! We have already started looking for streets which don’t currently have name-plates at all, even though the name of the street is known, and we will start with those. So if you are aware of any streets which don’t have signs at both ends, please let us know. We are also interested, for our next tranche of work, in those streets where the names are in doubt – and there seems to be a surprising number of those! We would also like to hear from you about those too.

It would be really helpful, when you get in touch, if you could include a little map to show which streets you feel need name-plates. You can email, or if you prefer, drop your suggestions into the Parish Centre office. Thank you in advance for your help on this one.

Street naming update November 2017
Some of you have already noticed that a few street signs have already been put up as part of the our Street Signs project. So far we have introduced an additional sign on The Frith, two on the The Ridge and one where Dark Lane becomes Skiveralls. We have also put up a sign to mark point where Skiveralls becomes Abnash. As there has been some controversy over the Skiveralls/Abnash sign, we thought it would be helpful to point out that Skiveralls is not only a road, but also a small area of Chalford, much in the way that Chalford Hill is both a road and an area. On the whole, though, we have had very positive comments about signs making it easier to direct people who need to find their way around the parish, and more people have come forward to nominate streets which would benefit from signage. If you know of streets which have names, but no signs, please do let us know.