Frithwood Cemetery is located on The Frith, Brownshill. There is a limited number of burial plots remaining and only parishioners or those with a strong connection with the parish may be buried there.  We no longer take reservations for burial plots.

Cremation plots may be reserved by parishioners. They are 18 x 12 inches in size and only commemoration plaques of these dimensions (laid portrait) are allowed.


Graves (7’ x 3’ plot)

Grave interment £235
Ashes in new grave £235
Re-opening of grave (for burial or ashes) £185

NB: CPC no longer takes reservations for graves. Cremation plots may be reserved – (see below)

Cremation plots (12” x 18”)

Reservation fee for Cremation plot £185
Cremation plot – interment of ashes £150
Re-opening of cremation plot £130


Tablet (flat stone) £150
(NB. The tablet a for cremation plot must measure 12” x 18” and laid portrait, flush with the ground)

Headstone for graves £150
Additional inscription & replacement memorial £80

A drawing/image of all memorials must be submitted to be approved in writing to Chalford Parish Council.

NB. Frithwood Cemetery does not provide a grave-digging service.  This is usually arranged by the Funeral Director.


A record of all graves, reservations and plaques is maintained at the Parish Centre and is available for viewing by the public, by prior arrangement, free of charge during office opening hours.


Undertakers and mourners will be permitted to drive into the cemetery for the purpose of the interment.

The full Rules and Regulations can be obtained from the Clerk at the Parish Centre, but are also available in PDF format below.

Cemetery Policy (Amended) 2017