Other Facilities

Parish Land
In addition to numerous pieces of land in the parish Chalford Parish has a responsibility for a portion of Frithwood and contracts an aborist to regularly inspect and maintain the trees.  (The majority of the woodland is owned by Boddington Estates and is maintained by their own contractor).

Parish Noticeboards
The council also provide noticeboards for the use of local societies, clubs  and other not-for-profit organisations (eg school PTAs, playgroups etc..).  Unfortunately due to limited space we can’t accommodate commercial ads.

aa2Benches, Bins and Bus Shelters
There are numerous benches and seats around the parish, which are repaired and maintained regularly by the Parish Council.

Litter bins on Council owned land are emptied daily and are repaired and maintained by the Parish Council’s Groundsman.  In addition, the council has installed a number of dog waste bins on parish council controlled land which are emptied weekly by the District Council’s refuse contractor.

The Parish Council also supply grit bins for the winter months.  A full list of their location can be obtained from the parish centre. Grit from bins around the parish may be used by parishioners on local roads, but please use sparingly – one handful per 2 square metres is sufficient.

The Council also owns and maintains the bus shelters.

BT Phone Boxes
The Parish Council recently adopted two BT telephone boxes in France Lynch, Brownshill and Chalford Hill for use by the community.  The phone box in France Lynch is situated on Lynch Road and is now being used as a mini library and the phone box in Brownshill houses a heritage display about the history of Brownshill.  The most recently refurbished box is on Silver Street in Chalford Hill and also houses a small library.