If you are a local organisation in need of funding towards a project, you may be eligible for a small grant from the Parish Council.

The deadline for applications is the 31st January 2022 and grants are awarded at our Annual Parish Meeting which under normal circumstances is held in April. Last year, due to Coronavirus the Annual Parish Meeting had to be cancelled. However, grant recipients still received their grant, just not in person.

Other Grant Providers

There are two other local charities in the area that provide small grants:

The John Taylor Foundation

The foundation was set up in accordance with the will of John Taylor dated 19th January 1732, and its endowment is open to young people who reside in the Parishes of Bisley, Bussage, Chalford, France Lynch and Oakridge – The Ancient Parish of Bisley.

The original objectives of the foundation were to provide funding towards university scholarships, technical scholarships, higher education , special instruction, provision of clothing to poor children, and lastly help with general health or “physical condition” in boys within this “Privileged Area”.

Obviously as times change, especially with regard to health of young people, and as the modern education system evolved, charities of this type had to change and the Charities Act of 1960 altered the characteristics to such things as tools for apprentices and general help with university of further education courses. Applicants are welcome from boys and girls of course.

The foundation trustees still meet four times a year to consider applications for grants. If you or one of your children meet the following criteria it could be well worth you applying. The qualifications are: 

  • The applicant lives in the above mentioned area
  • The applicant is under 25 years of age
  • The applicant is about to embark on a further education course at college or university
Applications should be made to the Clerk to the Trustees, Jenny Taylor via email or over the phone 01453 883618.

The Charity for the Ancient Parish of Bisley

The Charity of the Ancient Parish of Bisley is an amalgam of several small local charities, some of which were established over 200 years ago, to help the residents of the Parish of Bisley-with-Lypiatt, including those living in Eastcombe, Oakridge, Bussage (east of the Toadsmoor Brook) and Chalford (north of the River Frome). It is administered by six locally appointed Trustees.

How they can help
The charity offers support to residents in many way, including the provision of financial assistance to help:

  • The sick, suffering and convalescing, or those in need of rest or of obtaining domestic help during illness
  • The hospitalised and those who visit them
  • Towards support care
  • Young people participating in work-related experience at home and abroad where this is of a charitable nature
The charity is anxious to provide help where it is most needed. If you know of someone from the Ancient Parish who is in particular need and whom you believe may benefit from the charity’s support, or indeed, if you are in need yourself, please write in confidence to the Secretary, Mrs J Bentley, The Old Post Office, High Street, Bisley, Glos. GL6 7AA.

Gifts and legacies to help fund the charity’s giving always welcome.

Registered charity no. 237229